About Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services:
Phoenix Technology will recover data from any make and model of hard disk drive. We also have the capabilities to recover data from memory cards for cameras. USB memory sticks floppy diskettes; Zip cartridges; Jazz cartridges and magnetic tape media.

You Can’t Put A Price On Lost Data

Phoenix will recover your data to either: a working hard drive, DVD-ROM, disc(s) External USB drive or CD-Rom disc(s) at the customer’s request. The data is archived at our facility for 3 months for any future reference and all repaired drives will carry a full 6 month warranty

No Evaluation Fee !!!!!
If Phoenix Technology can not recover the DATA the CUSTOMER is LOOKING for, we will return the product at NO COST ! Phoenix will even pay the return UPS ground service freight charges.

Data recovery costs are based on the capacity of the hard drive, not the amount of data recovered. Network operating system prices do not include: RAID, Stripped or Spanned Drives. UNIX and XENIX operating systems will require an additional charge.

Please contact us for a quote.

Data Recovery Service Request Information


14 Responses to About Data Recovery

  1. phoenixtechnology says:

    We have been recovering data since 1994 and our lead recovery technician has 20 years in the field of hard drive repair and data recovery.
    “if your data is recoverable.. we are going to get it!”
    Visit us at http://www.diskman.com

  2. Nice to see someone will help and doesn’t have an evaluation fee to just take a look at my stuff.

    What would you recommend as a back up program for my Office computer if I don’t have an external drive?

  3. I read your blog and it appears that you represent several other data recovery companies. How does Phoenix Technology fit into this with you. We are always interested in swapping links but with the mindset being that we drive business to you site and that you drive business to our site. How do you see us working together on this?

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