Internet Explorer or Mozilla not working?? Look at this…

Ah, Thanksgiving. For many of us, this is the time extended families get together and catch up on old times. After stuffing ourselves silly, we find ourselves crashing out during the game, put to sleep by the turkey and way too much pumpkin pie.

Just in time for Thanksgiving we’d like to highlight yet another annoying virus that’s been going around. A few weeks ago we noticed people started coming in because they could not use their Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Well, it turns out this is not a software bug, but rather an annoying virus that prevents you from opening your browser. There are lots of viruses out there, some are playful and silly, some more serious like the one we just described. And from time to time, a downright nasty virus will pop up and destroy files.

If you notice anything strange or suspicious with how your computer is working during the holiday weekend, don’t wait for things to get worse. Come in so we can see what is going on. By the way, if you do stop by, we are happy to accept your tasty Thanksgiving leftovers.



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