My, How Things Have Changed

There was a time when buying an extra Hard Drive was a painful and costly endeavor. How costly? Out of curiosity, we poked around and found this handy-dandy chart showing the changing cost of buying storage. According to the chart, one megabyte of storage memory cost $10,000 in 1956. Adjusted for inflation (using this handy-dandy tool from the US Government) we found that 1 megabyte in 1956 is the same as $80,261 in today’s dollars! For one megabyte!

In the mid-1990s, a megabyte cost $0.85. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it means a one-gigabyte hard drive would have cost you $849. (Again, adjusted for inflation, it would cost about $1,216 today.)

Well, things have changed, as Phoenix Technology currently offers 2 gigabyte hard drives for as low as $5. You read that right; just $5 for a like-new, 2 gigabyte hard drive with a six month warranty. So if you’re looking for that extra hard-drive, it’s really not out of reach. Come talk with us today so we can see how to meet your needs.

By the way, $5 today was worth a whopping $0.62 in 1956. Now that’s a bargain!


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