If Twitter is Vulnerable, So Are You

Uh-oh. It looks like another series of worms has wiggled its way into our lives. Again.

Here’s the deal: Twitter – the much beloved micro-blogging site which allows people to share every micro detail of their lives with everyone else, whether they care or not – got whacked with two worms in as many weeks. The first one took advantage of a mouse rollover vulnerability, which Sean-Paul Correll at Panda Labs said could have been “nasty in the hands of [a] skilled cyber criminal.”

That’s comforting.

This week’s attack was not as serious, but it could have been embarrassing. Evidently it redirected users who clicked on a link involving, er, questionable activities with goats. The worm then automatically retweeted the results, indicating the user enjoyed said activities. Imagine having your clients see such a tweet from you. Not the best PR on earth, no?

Twitter is an extremely popular site with a highly dedicated security staff. Still, they are vulnerable to attack. So is Phoenix Technology. That’s why we trust ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4, and frankly so should you. Don’t put this off; talk with us today about getting security software. If Twitter is vulnerable, what makes you think you aren’t?


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