Procrastinator? It’s Cool; We Do Data Recovery

If you’re anything like us, you tend to procrastinate. Even if you know something is important, you have multiple pressing deadlines and tend to put important things off. In fact, we’ll bet you think to yourself, “I can back up my data tomorrow, or next week.” (Ahem.)

Until, of course, your five-year-old nephew spills your hot coffee on your laptop, destroying your hard work. What do you do when this happens? First, you’ll probably kick yourself, repeatedly, for not backing up your data the day before. Second, you’ll probably let your spouse kick you for not backing up your data too.

Third, you call Phoenix Technology.

While we cannot guarantee that we can rescue your data, we will evaluate your damaged hardware at no cost. And if we determine we cannot rescue your lost data, we will return your hardware to you – and will even pay for shipping!

So if you are the procrastinating type, chances are we can help you when things go wrong. Just be sure to keep our contact information handy, just in case.


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