IT serivce for Small Business? Affordable? Check us out!

Stop Me When This Sounds Familiar

So you’re a small business owner who needs reliable IT service, but you cannot afford full-time IT staff. More importantly, you’re not sure who you can trust to do the job right.

You start researching outside IT shops, but you quickly find out many firms charge more than you can afford. Eventually you hire a less expensive IT support firm, but before long you realize you are receiving inferior products and lousy service. What good is an IT shop if you can’t get them when you need them and they are not meeting your IT needs?

As usual, Phoenix has you covered. In addition to being top-notch computer repair and Internet security providers, we also offer complete computer network services from installation to maintenance and consultation; remote access to your computer to add and remove users; build your server; and install and configure remote access for any or all users. We also provide T1 and phone services and install and maintain them for you.

Before you choose an IT service provider, use the proven professionals you know and trust. Contact Phoenix today for a free, no obligation onsite IT evaluation to determine your optimal IT needs.


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