Let’s (Not) Backup for a Moment

You know you need to properly store your data. You’ve hemmed, hawed and procrastinated. Finally, after your conscience nagged at you one too many times, you decide to store your data onto a brand-new USB thumb drive. Finally you can sleep well at night, knowing your precious information is properly stored, right?


Thumb drives are not, I repeat not, good storage devices. Rather, they are good backup devices. What’s the difference between backup and storage? A backup is a copy of what you have on your hard drive. So if your computer dies, the other data is still good. Storage is when you move data to another drive and that is the only place you have it. Since it is moved completely, it only exists on the storage drive. (If you do lose your data, we still may be able to recover it for you.)

Don’t store your data on something you can accidentally throw in the washing machine. Make sure professionals, like Phoenix Technology, store your data properly. We’ll even come to your business and set up a secure storage system for you.


One Response to Let’s (Not) Backup for a Moment

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