Internet Security Breaches Can Ruin Your Day

Let’s say you are running your business and, given the current economic climate, things are going okay. Sure money is tight, and maybe you had to cut back here and there. But for the most part everything’s working as it should.

Then your company gets hit with an Internet-based attack, and it costs your customer money. Lots of money. Before you can say, “Whoops, I shoulda bought that security software from Phoenix Technology,” your customer slaps you with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Your customer is so angry he drags the case out for months while repeatedly slamming you in public, severely damaging your reputation. Eventually you settle out of court for an undisclosed sum. But you lost a key client, attorney’s fees are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and your reputation is harmed, perhaps irrevocably.

Sound unlikely? Hardly; that’s roughly what happened in this case. Folks, security threats are real, and they could hold your business hostage. Don’t let this happen to you: invest in security software before it’s too late. You’ll kick yourself where the sun doesn’t shine if you don’t.


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