Can Your Family’s Techie Fix Your Broken Computer? Not Likely.

Let’s say one day you turn your computer on and all you get is a blue screen. This is not good, as this is commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death. So you call your cousin, the family tech wizard, and you are shocked to discover she doesn’t know how to fix computers. But, you say to yourself, that’s impossible: she built an amazing website; therefore, she knows everything about computers, right?


Just because someone is “good with computers” or built a snazzy website, that doesn’t mean they can fix malfunctioning machines. When you confront serious issues like the BSOD, you need qualified professionals who fix computers for a living. We at Phoenix Technology are passionate about computer repair, and we love seeing our customers satisfied with the service we provide.

So if you get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death or are having other computer problems, don’t call your cousin; call us first, and save yourself (and her) the time and aggravation.


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