The Importance of Hiring a Specialist

Allow us to wax philosophical for a moment: have you ever read Adam Smith’s “Inquiry into the Causes and the Wealth of Nations”?  We did… or at least, we tried, but fell asleep after page two.  Anyway, not only did Smith coin the term “invisible hand of the marketplace” in this classic book, he also talked about the importance of specialization — that is, everyone should do what they are best at and let others do what they are best at.  For instance, when our car broke down, we didn’t take it to an attorney or an embroiderer.  No, we took it to a top-notch auto mechanic, and our car works very well now.

So why does everyone seem to think they are computer repair specialists when they are having computer troubles?  If you can’t fix your computer by the time the 11:00 pm news comes on, see us – the computer repair experts – and spend your time doing what you are best at, like falling asleep reading 250-year old philosophy books.


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