Dr. Phil vs. Data Recovery: It’s Your Choice!

At Diskman, we’re not just in the data recovery business; we’re also in the marriage-saving business, kind of.  No, we are not therapists.  But imagine this scenario:  what if you kept your vacation photos on your laptop’s hard drive – which you destroy by spilling coffee on it?  Most likely, you would feel dread wash over you as you imagine explaining to your wife how you destroyed your once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian vacation pictures.

Luckily, all might not be lost.  If this does happen, call Diskman right away.  We’ll be able to tell, quickly, if your data can be saved.  (To prevent this from happening again, we’d also recommend you purchase an extra hard drive and make backups immediately.)

Some things are irreplaceable, and you should always backup your data.  But if you destroy your hard drive before you get the chance to make backups, please call us.  While we can’t guarantee that we can save your data, there is a pretty good chance that not all is lost.  But if you don’t call us and you do lose your data, you might want to consider an appointment with Dr. Phil instead.


2 Responses to Dr. Phil vs. Data Recovery: It’s Your Choice!

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