An Ounce of Prevention…

We talk a lot about Internet security, and for good reason.  Using the Internet safely is everyone’s responsibility.  Here are some common sense tips that can help you surf the Web safely:

– Only shop with trusted vendors.  Make sure that the URL you typed into the status bar is correct.

– Look at your website status bar.  You know it’s secure when it says https: //  .  That little letter ensures that you are surfing safely; if you don’t see that s, don’t enter any personal information into that site.

– Use a third-party escrow service to pay for items if you aren’t sure about the vendor but really want to purchase an item.  That extra amount of money can really go a long way.

– Purchase and constantly upgrade your Internet security service.  Never, ever, ever surf the web without it.

– Don’t purchase items while logged into insecure or public Wifi hotspots.  Information sent on these networks can be viewed by third parties and you are taking a big risk by sending information like credit card numbers.


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