Getting Hacked?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling someone might hack your account?  The bad guys are literally everywhere, not just on US soil, and they are very good at being bad.

True story:  one client of ours got a message on his Facebook account from a contact who told him he needed to send money right away — to London.  Fortunately that customer knew this was a scam and told the person that this was a fraud, at which point the perpetrator immediately disabled the other person’s account.

If you do get hacked, or suspect that someone is sending fraudulent messages, immediately contact the person who is being hacked.  Then report the hack to the people who developed the application; for instance, if Facebook was hacked, send them a messages immediately telling them about the hack.  If necessary, contact the FBI or local law enforcement.

You need sharp eyes, a skeptical mind and top-notch Internet security to surf the web safely.  Such small investments will pay major dividends if it means protecting your precious data.


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