Slow computer? How did this happen?

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than the new car smell is the new computer speed. When you first boot your computer up, you are shocked at how quickly it starts. Whether it’s your web browser or a file search; double-clicks respond double-fast compared to your last computer. After your first, ultra-fast startup, you make the same promise to yourself that almost everyone does: you will not, under any circumstances, overload this computer with unnecessary junk.

So first you need to install MS Office, because that is critical. Up next is Skype, because that’s important too. Then you add Yahoo Instant Messenger because you use that a lot. Next you need to install Tweetdeck to keep all your social media in one place. Then it’s Dreamweaver or Fireworks for your web development.

And before you know it, your computer is slow again. It just kinda creeps up on you, doesn’t it?

Just like every car new car becomes old and needs a tune-up, your computer may need a tune-up as well to get that new computer-feeling again. So when your new computer is slow again, give us a call; we can help


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