Reduce Clutter and Make Some Cash

Everyone knows times are tough. Many of us have weathered this storm by making serious lifestyle changes. But one good thing about this downturn is that we understand what we need vs. what we want. For instance, I really don’t need a new computer every year, I just want one. The computer I’m using works just fine, and I really shouldn’t spend money on getting a new one if I don’t have to.

Another thing people are doing is raising cash in unusual ways. Some people are selling their old computer equipment on eBay, Craigslist or, if they are really desperate, at pawn shops. As it turns out, Diskman is looking to purchase your old and non-working hard-drives (40 gigs and up), tape drives, DVD drives and CD-Rom drives.

And, selling us your old equipment is more environmentally friendly than throwing it away or even recycling it. So if you have lots of extra computer equipment lying around and could use some extra cash, please consider speaking with us.


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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. 🙂

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