You’re Still Using Dial-up? Really?

How many times have your employees complained about slow Internet service? If my team doesn’t get top-speed Internet, especially first thing Monday morning, they can get really cranky. One of them even tried pouring coffee on his computer to speed it up on a particularly painful Monday morning, but that didn’t work for some reason.

Instead of trying to speed my company’s Internet performance with a caffeine boost (intentional or otherwise) I realized my company would probably benefit from high-speed Internet service. Once we installed Cbeyond’s high-speed Internet service, our browsing speed increased dramatically. And, we bought voice and data communication services along with the high-speed Internet, which actually saved us money compared to our previous setup.

We didn’t just buy fast Internet and a data network; we also bought peace of mind knowing that we have a reliable communications partner, freeing us up to run our business instead of troubleshooting our slow and frustrating system.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to not want to punch a hole through my computer because it’s running slowly. Again. As for those caffeine boosts — that’s another story for another time.


One Response to You’re Still Using Dial-up? Really?

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