The Dangers of Not Having Anti-Virus Software

“I never visit dangerous websites, and I never download untrustworthy materials.  Why do I need Anti-Virus software?”

If you have ever thought this way, you probably don’t understand the various threats that exist on the Internet. For instance, did you know that there are websites with similar Internet addresses that look exactly like the sites you normally visit?  Yes, the bad guys could actually create a fake website that looks exactly like your bank’s website.  And, if you log into their cleverly-disguised website, the fraudsters would have your bank account information!

Even the most cautious web surfers are exposed to security risks.  Using rock-solid security technology is perhaps the most critical part of safely surfing the Internet.  We use NOD32 by ESET because we think they offer the best Internet security.  (It’s not just us:  CNet gives them a five-star rating:

No matter which solution you use, please use anti-virus software.  We aren’t going to risk losing our data, and neither should you.


6 Responses to The Dangers of Not Having Anti-Virus Software

  1. anjali says:

    i hadn’t had any kind of anivirus software for my lap since last one month! as my friend suggested to check the risks on the Internet.. it was on this article where my eyes hooked.. really informative ..

  2. Max Desmond says:

    Really good review, covered many of the questions I had in mind. Any idea what you will be reviewing next?

  3. Thank you for the help.
    Will this work in Windows 7?
    There is another method to install software i.e. using safe mode. Just press the F8 key when you start your windows. You can also copy the CD to your hard disc and can run the install from set up. Try to run the install from your hard drive in safe mode and see if things work.

    If you are still getting the problem to install software then you can just check the manufacturer details on the CD or can visit to the manufacturer’s site. Just get in touch with them over phone or can mail them at their e-mail address.

    If you have just downloaded software from the manufacturer’s site then you can visit the site and ask for the trouble shooting. Some good manufacturing sites have message board where you can post your complaints and you will get the answer instantly by the experts.
    Nowadays, one can see the number of pornographic, betting, gift offering websites cropping up. The people who have a PC at their places are a worried lot. They want to save their children from these sites ill effect. To counter this people use spyware software to keep a check on their child’s activity. As we all know in the adolescent age the chance of watching pornographic site is quite high and an alert guardian can not afford to ignore this act. Apart from this, there are number of sites where one can get the entire nuisance in the internet sites. However, the software alone can not play the roles of the guardian but definitely it can save a lot of damage. One can see the alert guardians using net nanny software to other spycam to keep a tab on their child. This will help them to keep a track of what they are doing and they could be warned before they fall into any trap. So one can install software and get rid of all their woes.

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  6. here says:

    It looks to me that this site doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same issue? I enjoy this webpage and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im gone from my computer.

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