Google Hacked — The Threat is Real

Google Hacked — The Threat is Real

Every so often an Internet security breach gets international attention, drawing the public’s focus back on the importance of utilizing serious Internet security. In this case, hackers (allegedly from China) found a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which resulted in attacks on Google. This incident has led to Google threatening to uncensor their search content (they previously agreed to filter their web content to enter the Chinese market) thus threatening their entire China operation.

Never mind that Google should have been using their own browser, Chrome. This incident teaches us three basic lessons:

  1. Even the largest, most security-conscious firms — like Google and Microsoft, who invest billions of dollars in Internet security — are exposed to Internet threats;
  2. Even the most security-conscious governments around the world are vulnerable; and
  3. There is nothing too audacious for these hackers to try, even breaching the “Great Firewall of China,” an act which could literally lead to one’s execution.

This incident should serve as yet another reminder that the Internet is not always safe, and nothing can replace constant vigilance and proactively seeking out the best Internet security solutions.


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