There are many factors you must consider when choosing a data recovery
company. Downtime and cost are probably among the most important factors driving your decision.  You should however make sure you pay attention to other important factors that could save you time and money.

First and foremost, make sure the data recovery company you are dealing with has experience.  It is also important is to make sure they have the capacity to recover data from drives with hardware problems.  There are
many data recovery companies in the industry offering low prices but are only experts at non-invasive (logical) recovery.

Before you choose a data recovery company, you should find out if they are a company that is dedicated only to data recovery. Data recovery is a complicated and complex process.  Therefore, make sure you are dealing with a company who specializes in recovery and not primarily computer repair.

A good recovery company also has the capacity to work on any operating system. Don’t make a mistake by sending your Mac drive to a recovery company who only specializes in Windows
data recovery.

Many data recovery companies offer emergency data recovery service which allows your job to be placed higher in the recovery queue which can reduce downtime.

Another factor to be considered is upfront costs.  Some recovery companies offer a free estimate while others charge a flat fee to evaluate your media- even if the recovery is not successful.

Also consider how the data recovery company calculates their final price for the recovery and make sure you get an idea of this price upfront.  Data recovery can be very expensive.  It is a good idea to get the cost upfront instead of being shocked at the final price in the end.

Also keep in mind that recovery companies offering prices that seem considerably lower than the norm often lack necessary experience to perform invasive hardware recovery requiring parts.

Remember, in most cases you only get one shot to recover data.

By using vigilance and the tips above, you can hopefully be on the road to a successful recovery of your data.


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